Kwek Wenshu


Kwek Wenshu

Industrial Designer, STUCK

Wenshu?s design career began at the wise age of 5, when his parents learnt that he stopped throwing tantrums in art and craft classes.

Today he is frequently riled by objects and services that do not work as well as they should. Trained in industrial design, he finds joy from creating amazing physical and digital experiences.

He aims for responsible, research-driven design that cares about the user, the context and business objectives.

How did you learn about UXSG?

In 2014 I was a student volunteer for the year?s conference. What was initially an attempt at satisfying my curiosity became an interest. Two years and a bunch of meetups later, I find myself volunteering again.


What made you volunteer for the UXSG Conference this year?

I hope to contribute as much as I hope to learn about UX from organising the conference.


How has the journey been?

We?re making progress and I am pumped to see everything fall in place come September.

At a Personal Level
What are your personal quirks?

I have itchy fingers; I doodle all the time.


Is there any words of advice or quotes you live by?

?There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few of them.? ? Victor Papanek

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