Leila Chow


Leila Chow

Experience & Design Consultant, Deloitte Digital

Leila is a detail-oriented user experience consultant and information architect with over 4 years experience in digital agencies. She designs ways in which people interact with media and information using a user-centered approach and is constantly finding ways to make complicated things simple and relevant.

Leila has a background in information systems and technology and her adventures in digital started as a Mobile Emerging Technologies intern looking at mobile marketing, innovation and emerging technologies.

How did you learn about UXSG?

I don?t remember how I first learned about UXSG. However I do remember being really, really excited when I heard that for the first time in Singapore there will be a UXSG conference back in 2013 and immediately signed up for it and I signed up again for 2014.


What made you volunteer for the UXSG Conference this year?

I wanted to meet and make more friends from the community. Also after attending UXSG for 2013, 2014 and going to a few of the meetups, I wanted to experience being part of a member on the other side, as a non-attendee for the event.


How has the journey been?

Not sure what I had gotten myself into but feeling like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Taking the leap and jumping into the rabbit-hole going down, down, down. Not a moment to think about stopping and the journey being exhilarating and always wondering what will be happening next.

At a Personal Level
What are your personal quirks?

I am useless without at least a flat white coffee in the morning. I can be very forgetful at times so you can find me jotting down my thoughts in my journal with my fountain pen. I have a habit of talking to myself and speaking in third person when I have a long list of things to do. And I like to follow pictures of quokkas – they make me happy as they look like they are constantly smiling.


Is there any words of advice or quotes you live by?

?Never ever stop. Good enough is never good enough. No matter how good you think something is, it can always be improved. You can always continually improve things and that is the attitude one should always have. Always pushing forward and striving for the best.? ? Josh Payton

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