Mandi Lee


Mandi Lee

Design Researcher, Keio-NUS CUTE Center

Mandi is a Design Researcher at Keio-NUS CUTE (Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments) center. I work with a team of awesome designers, researcher and programmers to design sensible interactions in augmented reality mobile applications.

How did you learn about UXSG?

I found out about UXSG while I was researching on interactions among online communities for a project. The feed from the community kept me connected till today.


What made you volunteer for the UXSG Conference this year?

I was curious. I wanted to learn and connect with others who are doing what I am doing at work.


How has the journey been?

It has been an interesting learning experience to work with a big group of designers and infusing design into every process.

At a Personal Level
What are your personal quirks?

I am normal?


Is there any words of advice or quotes you live by?

Trust me, I am a designer.

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