Samantha Yuen


Samantha Yuen

Senior Consultant, Foolproof

Sam has been practicing human-centred design for 8 years and is currently a senior design researcher at Foolproof, where she leads the insights team and co-develops the studio?s practice in Singapore.

While Sam has worn many hats as a generalist, her core expertise lies in design research, content design and the unraveling of complexity. She is fascinated by human behaviour and derives as much satisfaction designing for service as she did sweating through kitchen service.

How did you learn about UXSG?

I attended the second meetup in 2012 at a time when I was recuperating from burnout and deciding whether or not to continue working in UX. The regulars that I met at every subsequent meetup have become friends and I?m grateful for their company and conversations along my journey.


What made you volunteer for the UXSG Conference this year?

Life before UX was painful – between 15 and 25, I didn?t know what I wanted to do, liked to do or was good at doing professionally. I had dropped out of college because of social anxiety and hated the word ?passion? with a passion. Stumbling upon UX in 2005, discovering hidden talents and finally feeling useful – this second stab at life has been why I?ve given back tirelessly, even mindlessly, over the past two years.


How has the journey been?

I say mindlessly because I never thought about how much I was taking on and whether it was with the right intent – not for the community but for myself. This realisation has been my biggest takeaway as a volunteer and also why the transformation theme is doubly meaningful to me.

At a Personal Level
What are your personal quirks?

I?m a walking oxymoron – sharp but ditsy, OCD but messy. I?ve also been fascinated by all things macabre since young and still want to work in the funeral industry someday.


Is there any words of advice or quotes you live by?

?The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.? – Marcel Proust

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