Yeo See Meng


Yeo See Meng

Senior Assistant Director, Customer Experience, Ministry of Manpower

See Meng is a Senior Assistant Director of Customer Experience at the Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The Work Pass Division administers the rules on foreigners working in Singapore.

He leads an editorial team who keeps the Division?s letters and public information clear and simple. He also does service design for new services and policy initiatives.

How did you learn about UXSG?

Khai Seng, one of the UXSG 2014 volunteer, approached us to host a visit to our service centres for the attendees. I was happy to be able to finally attend an UX conference in Singapore. It was the best conference I?ve ever attended- The atmosphere was friendly and the attention to details speaks volumes about the heart work put in by the organisers.


What made you volunteer for the UXSG Conference this year?

I chanced upon the recruitment at one of the meet ups and wondered how organising a conference behind the scenes feels like.


How has the journey been?

It has been an interesting learning experience for me, especially how the teams collaborate and work online. I?m helping out roles of customer support and volunteer experience, so I think it?s going to get busier in the next 2 months.

At a Personal Level
What are your personal quirks?

I?m a teh-peng siew dai person. I find it interesting that everyone has a default beverage choice and I often wonder if you can read more about people based on their preference.


Is there any words of advice or quotes you live by?

?Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.?

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