Design Principles

#1: Making conferences feel personal again

?The organisers treated us like people, not numbers. I had fun learning with other attendees and was able to network with the right people.?

#2: Investing in things that matter to people

?It feels great when everything works well ? Wi-Fi, good coffee, delicious food served fast, slides available quickly & keynote recordings. What else could I ask for??

#3: I feel at home

?It was so awesome meeting others with the same passion or experiences as myself. I am not alone in the journey to better UX.?

#4: I know what I signed up for

?I had sufficient information to make an informed choice on workshops and felt confident they were going to be worth paying for.?

#5: I feel guided all the time

?Never did I once feel lost. There was always clear signage or someone around to help. I knew where to go for help if I needed it.?

#6: Approachable, inspiring, engaging

?I felt like I could change the world after the conference. The speakers joined us for drinks, it was nice to see they are human too.?

#7: Delight in the details

?Loved how much thought went into the conference ? there were many nice surprises which I did not expect.?

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