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elemen??? is a meat-free restaurant that advocates a wholesome dining experience with only the most fundamental ingredients from nature ? vegetables. Even so, that doesn?t mean your meal consist only of raw carrots and lettuce. Instead, expect hearty, hefty, protein-packed options from the menu that can stand in for the need for meat.

They pride themselves in using minimal seasoning and marinating to preserve the original taste of each selected ingredients. Even with their seasoning and marinating, they use carefully sourced ingredients such as sea salt from South Africa, olive oil, and even alkaline water.

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Tempura Tofu with avocado roll

Covered with fresh avocado slices, the crunchy Japanese cucumber and deep-fried enoki mushroom are hand-rolled in vinegar rice. Paired with crispy?tempura tofu, this is a must-order for Japanese food lovers.

Served with drink, soup and dessert

Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle

Mushroom Risotto with black truffle

Cooked in a stock made from mushrooms, radish, seaweed, black truffle and red wine, the wild rice contains a burst of flavours from the ingredients. This is a dish packed with antioxidants and protein, and is a pleasure for truffle lovers.

Served with drink, soup and dessert

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Braised Pumpkin with
glutinous rice in hot stone

Accompanied with pumpkin, green apple, king oyster mushrooms braised in red wine and teriyaki sauce, this savoury dish also features crispy and chewy glutinous rice, and is suitable for diners who like Oriental cuisine?with a twist.

Served with drink, soup and dessert

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