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Keynote #2[email protected] Summit 1 Hall

Keynote?#2: Applying behavioural insights to public policy

Behavioural insights (BI) helps us understand human behaviour and decision making. We know from our own lives that we often fail to do what?s best for us, despite our good intentions ? whether it be exercising more, saving money or eating healthily. We can use this understanding of how humans actually behave in everyday life to help people make better decisions for themselves and society.

This session will introduce participants to the evidence from the behavioural sciences and the key methods for designing and evaluating behavioural interventions.

Dr Rory Gallagher

Dr. Rory Gallagher

Managing Director, Behavioural Insights Team Australia and Asia-Pacific

Keynote #3[email protected] Summit 1 Hall

When Policy Meets Design

In this talk, Jung-Joo will highlight what design can do for public service and policy development, and eventually transform the government to be more human-centered. Jung-Joo will illustrate this through her recent collaboration project with the Ministry of Manpower Singapore.

Jung-Joo Lee

Dr. Jung-Joo Lee

Assistant Professor, ?National University of Singapore, Division of Industrial Design

Workshop?#14[email protected] room 332

Behaviour, government policy and me: applying behavioural insights to society and self

Behavioural insights (BI) helps us understand human behaviour and decision making. Following on from Dr. Rory Gallagher’s keynote address, this session will invite attendees to participate in some behavioural experiments, hear about how the findings can be applied to government policy and then learn some simple tips that could boost their own productivity.


Samuel Hanes

Director, The Behavioural Insights Team, Singapore

Lightning Talk?#1[email protected] room 325

Designing for Public Impact

How do civil servants and designers team up to transform public services? How might we scale human-centric design in a large government agency with diverse roles and stakeholders? What is the role of co-design in Singapore, and how would the future of public services look?

Hefen will share the highs and lows of the Ministry of Manpower’s journey in humanizing public services with design and data, as well as the opportunities and challenges present in driving human-centered change in government.

Wong Hefen

Wong Hefen

Senior Assistant Director, Behavioural Insights and Design Unit,?Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Lightning Talk?#2[email protected] room 324

Sustaining Transformation in Government Agencies

The presenters have worked on a range of projects with the Department of Justice, and some of them have been transformative. One of the projects that they will be sharing about is the implementation of a new Jury Management System ? while ostensibly an ?IT? project, it enabled the organisation to reimagine the way it viewed the citizenry, re-engage them in a more positive fashion, and even ?export? the solution to other jurisdictions to turn it into a revenue stream.

Join Gerry and Julian as they share with you a truthful account of these projects, exploring which elements are crucial to embarking on the journey of transformation, and discussing the traps and the pitfalls that can derail your efforts.

Gerry Gaffney

Gerry Gaffney

Director & Principal UX Consultant,?Information and Design


Julian Huxham
Julian Huxham

Director, EntityDesignCo.

Lightning Talk?#4[email protected] room 310

“A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed”
products and services

How to become a true friend for your customer? How to transform support and communication experience from huge forms, emails and phone queues to something more reliable, something where users will be transformed into your buddies and the way of communication will be the same easy and trustful? When you communicate with your buddy you never ask yourself ?will he answer me? what is a right time to talk? is it a right question to ask??, you just talk. The same should be with products and services.

Join Maxim as he discusses key principles of reliable service-to-user communications and relevant technologies that will make the transformation possible.

Maxim Gurkin

Maxim Gurkin

Senior UX Designer, Autodesk

Lightning Talk?#14[email protected] room 308

Blueprint for change
products and services

By changing the way we see large businesses and government, we can begin to understand what should be changed.

Service Blueprinting can be a powerful way to bring people together from different product lines, service lines, and disciplines. In this lightning talk session, Ally will share her own experience of using service blueprints in design for healthcare.

You will walk away with an understanding of how service blueprints are created and ways in which the resulting knowledge can immediately begin to transform how you do business.

Ally Reeves

Ally Reeves

Associate Creative Director, UX Design,?SapientNitro

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