Ashwin Umathay and Aunindra Kumar Sinha


Ashwin Umathay

Senior Manager of Experience Design, Intel Security India

Ashwin Umathay is Senior Manager of Experience Design at Intel Security. He specializes in User Experience with deep knowledge of information architecture, interaction design, usability & design management. His UX and Product Lead experience include?work at VeriSign, Cisco, and Statefarm. Ashwin holds an MBA from the?University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and MS in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University.

At Intel Security, Ashwin leads a cross-functional team of Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, Business Analysts, Content Writer & User Researcher and provides UX leadership to Partner & Incubation products.


Aunindra Kumar Sinha

Senior Lead Experience Designer, Intel

Aunindra is currently working as a Senior Lead Experience Designer at Intel. During his 10 years of work experience in UX, he has worked on diverse transformation projects. These projects were concentrated on software security, intranet solutions for a major bank, customer onboarding experience, and cross-device trading platform for various fortune 500 companies.

Combining creativity and analytical ability in solving user-interface problems to provide fresh, practical, and usable solutions, Aunindra?s focus areas are design strategy, conceptualization, interaction design, usability, and spearheading the design of UX projects. Highly articulate with excellent interpersonal skills and passion for design and technology, he has presented his work at various forums at Intel and India HCI, 2015.

9:30am – 12:30pm

Workshop #1[email protected]?Room 310

UX Career Development Plan
products and services

Individuals starting their careers in this profession often reach a plateau in their professional development and end up doing similar or routine things over a period of time, thus impacting their career development.

The framework in the workshop will help participants to self-reflect and introspect. It will focus on helping them understand their strengths, areas of development, and their strengths they would like to leverage. This sets participants up for success in their professional roles.

The second aspect of the workshop will cover how different types of organizations will support the individual to achieve their goals. Participants will choose one of the industry verticals and organization size. They will come up with a plan about how to structure their User Experience teams or business units in the overall organizational structure.


After this workshop, you will be able to

  1. Identify your short-term and long-term goals. Where do?you see yourself in the future?
  2. Have your own development plan to reach the identified goals.
  3. Collect feedback from your peers and managers systematically. The feedback will act as an input for specific development action plan.
  4. Utilize techniques to have successful career development conversations.
  5. Utilize techniques to meet your goals even if the organization does not have a structured growth plan.


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