Chan Chi-Loong


Chan Chi-Loong

Founder, V/R SG

Chi-Loong suffers from an incurable disease called curse of the curious hybrid. Chi Loong has a background in Computer Science, but somehow wandered into journalism, marketing and public relations. Past lives include mainstream and trade media, in-house and agency PR, energy and social media start-ups like Straits Times, British Telecoms and GolinHarris. The corporate world is not really suited for hybrids so he decided to forge out and co-found V/R, a niche agency that blends art + science to tell stories through technology.

11:15am ? 12:30pm

Lightning Talk #16[email protected]?Room 327

A journey in digital storytelling: Data visualization, interaction, serious games
products and services

Technology is changing the way that stories are being presented and told. At the same time, we’re drowning in data and the need for clear, concise storytelling is greater than ever. All these data and technologies present opportunities to explore and reinvent how stories are being presented. Data visualization, interaction, serious games; all are aspects of how we can use UX + content/data to shape compelling narratives.

Join Chi-Loong in this talk as he brings you through data visualization examples and design.

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