DJ Lin and Mike Chou

Der-Jeng Lin

DJ (Der-Jeng) Lin

Human Interface Engineering,
Trend Micro Inc.

DJ (Der-Jeng) Lin is a project management professional and UX evangelist with more than 15 years of extensive experience in the field of software development. In the past years, DJ has led or participated in numerous projects that delivered solutions in various industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, supply chain management, internet security, etc. Other than his profession, DJ is a tabletop game lover and a lucky guy with a gorgeous wife and 2 adorable kids.

Mike Chou

Mike Chou

Human Interface Engineering,
Trend Micro Inc.

Mike Chou is an experienced UI/UX designer and enthusiastic UX evangelist who is always looking for new ideas. He puts many user research methodologies into practices and applies different kinds of design processes onto the real projects. He believes ‘design’ is the most power tool that makes life better.

9:30am – 12:30pm

Workshop #6[email protected]?Room?324

UX In The Jungle
products and services

UX In The Jungle is a tabletop game that empowers UX practitioners to see the big picture of product development. Players in the same group must collaborate to understand requirements, figure out user needs, make trade-offs between different features, manage market change risks, and deal with various other development cycle challenges to release their products on time with good usability and (most important of all) make lots of money.

This workshop will help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of the whole product development lifecycle (most UX practitioners only focus on the design-related activities in their projects).
  • See the importance of different UX skills in product development and how UX practitioners can help generate more business value.
  • Recognize the impact that a collaborative UX team can have on an organization.
  • Foresee possible challenges that UX practitioners must face in their work.
  • Learn how to use the UX In The Jungle game as a tool for evangelizing the importance of UX in their organizations.
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