Elymar Apao

Elymar Apao

Elymar Apao

Founder, UX Philippines

Ely is a User Experience & User Centered Design Coach. He is the founder of UsabilityPhilippines.com (which is now called UX Philippines ). He worked as UX manager in a US Nasdaq-listed Top-100 E-Commerce Site (US Auto Parts) and in a Global Classified-Ads Site (OLX). He now focuses on JumpSparc, an educational community and hardware marketplace for the Internet of Things and the maker culture.

11:15am ? 12:30pm

Lightning Talk #10 @?Room 324

Creating a Design-Centered Culture in Organizations: Learnings from creating a UX Community

What does it take to make your company design oriented and human centered?

Ely addresses this question by sharing his personal experiences of how the UX Philippines community evolved and how he applied what he learnt in the corporate setting.

The UX Philippines community organically grew from 0 to 1,500 FB group members in a span of 5 years. The community had regular meetups which made an impact in the different organizations and participants that joined.

Ely took what he learnt from the community and incorporated it into his corporate job, by first selling the design-thinking approach and then running Usability-Tests and A/B tests. For example, when management wanted to know, “What will happen if we change ‘Post a Free Ad’ (which was the default call to action then) to a more active phrase like ‘Sell Your Item Now’?” The UX team would A/B test such ideas, then compile and present the results. It became a weekly routine. Each session was like a mini UX community meetup within the company and eventually other teams began conducting their own tests and implementing new ideas.

In his talk, Ely will share more about the growth of the UX Phillippines community and how it has encouraged the evolvement of UX practices in the companies of the community?s members.

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