Jodine Stodart


Jodine Stodart

Associate UX Director, Digital Arts Network

Jodine is Associate UX Director at Digital Arts Network, a leading New Zealand user centred design agency . With 17 years? experience in digital, including a role as Senior Consultant for Optimal Experience, Jodine has worked with leading businesses across Australasia, including Seek, Spark, Vodafone, Sovereign, Might River Power, and currently Auckland Council.

Jodine?s expertise and daily work involves UX Strategy, coaching and mentoring, and hands on UX research and design. She?s passionate about balancing user needs, business goals, and technical innovation to create world-class designs that work.

Hit her up on Twitter @jUXposition, or find her helping out on UX Meetup Auckland once a month.

9:30am ? 10:45am

Lightning Talk #6[email protected]?Room 308

UX Coaching for Organisational Transformation
products and services

UX coaching done well can motivate the disenchanted and inspire the disconnected. Join Jodine as she shares perspectives from her experience as an ?outsider? bringing UX coaching into organizations that have a high demand for UX work but lack the internal expertise. She will also offer some principles for smoothing the coaching journey so that you / your clients can reach a common goal ? to give internal teams the experience of engaging directly with customers, and to empower teams to integrate new UX methods into their work with confidence, enthusiasm, and pride.

Learn how engaging external expertise can help organisations with limited budgets to meet immediate business goals and build sustainable UX know-how internally. Using a UX coach doesn?t diminish operational complexities, and it can be a delicate dance navigating the impact of UX methods to existing processes and systems. Moreover, the transformation is worth it.

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