Dr. Jung-Joo Lee


Dr. Jung-Joo Lee

Assistant Professor
National University of Singapore, Division of Industrial Design

Dr. Jung-Joo Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore. Over the past years she has been teaching Service Design, Co-Design, User Experience Design in Finland and Singapore, and recently opened Service Design Lab Singapore that aims to attain human-centered service innovation in the public sector and private companies. Dr. Lee has been collaborating with global companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, LG and OCBC and government agencies like the City of Helsinki, Finland, and the Ministry of Manpower Singapore.

Her current projects focus on embedding design competencies within the government agencies to transform the policy making process to be more human-centered and collaborative. She has been developing collaboration models, tools and education programs to achieve this aim. Since 2013, she is a member of International Society of Service Innovation Professional (ISSIP), helping manufacturing companies to attain design-driven service innovation.

2:30pm – 4:00pm

Keynote #3[email protected] Summit 1 Hall

When Policy Meets Design

Why is the government now keen to bring design in their work? How can design transform the policy making process to be more human-centered and collaborative? What challenges are there and how can we overcome the challenges together?

In her talk, Jung-Joo will explore these questions through the latest collaboration between her research lab, Service Design Lab Singapore, and the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The collaboration has three main components: first, a series of design projects on services for migrant workers and foreign domestic workers; second, follow-up investigation on impacts after the design projects; and third, a series of design competencies workshops. This three-fold collaboration model aims to achieve a three-level transformation of design in the government: from ‘the service offering level’ to ‘the capability level’ to finally, ‘the organisational culture level’.

The tool for mapping organisation’s design competence and the project planning game will be introduced in this talk. Jung-Joo will highlight how to embed design competencies within the government, going beyond one-off collaborations.

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