Kanika Agarwal

Kanika Agarwal

Kanika Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Passion Peers

Kanika Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of Passion Peers, a digital business transformation strategy consulting, execution and agency services company. Passion Peers is a result of the gaps she saw in the current agency- client model and core belief that digital transformation is the next industrial revolution.

She has been a personal branding and digital marketing trainer for six years now. A trusted marketing expert and thought leader, she has been featured in many publications, forums and serves as a mentor to the next generation of marketers and entrepreneurs. She has worked in client servicing roles in Vocanic, a company of GroupM and as a Marcomm professional in Microsoft and Google previously.

In her personal time she buys more books than she can actually read and travels more than she can blog about it. She loves wearing different digital hats and is excited about the future of technology as a whole.

She holds a Computer Engineering and Business degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and prides herself in being an inquisitive and constant learner.

9:30am ? 10:45am

Lightning Talk #8 @?Room 327

Digital Transformation in Asia – The Real Deal
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Digital Transformation has become a heart throbbing topic for every business, leader and employee. Many don’t know what it is but everyone still wants to be a part of it. Leaders know its importance yet they are struggling with how to drive digital transformation.

In this presentation, the presenter will be bringing you through these topics:

  • The state of Digital Transformation in Asia (which only a few companies are leading in S.E.A as compared to the US and Europe markets).
  • Statistics and research show that executives have misunderstood Digital Transformation. Majority either focus on the technology or marketing aspect of it, whereas the truth is that it is more about the connected customer journey and understanding of every digital touchpoint of your customer which calls for a cross functional collaborative internal culture.
  • A step by step guide on how to become a digital enterprise, explained through customer examples and research carried out in SEA with executives and senior management.
  • Digital skills that are most sought after at the moment. This is to emphasize on how capability development is a major barrier to transformation right now.
  • Why Digital Transformation is a CEO’s KPI and how it is neither top down nor bottom up but requires a horizontal approach with practitioners building a strong case for long term strategies to get leadership buy in.
  • Emphasizing the fact that ignoring or not talking about it wont help, but a community-led, collaborative approach with business leaders rallying behind it can put Asia at the forefront of this transformation.
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