Ketut Sulistyawati and Ardyanto Alam


Ketut Sulistyawati

Somia Customer Experience

Sulis is the founder of Somia Customer Experience, an experience design consultancy based in Indonesia and Singapore. She received her Bachelor degree in Product Design and PhD in Human Factors from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She previously worked as Senior UX Designer at Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Reading Room Singapore.

Sulis lives in Bali and loves spending her free time to read and relax by the beach.


Ardyanto Alam

Vice President, Product Management

As the Vice President of Product Management at KASKUS, Ardy is responsible for establishing, maintaining and communicating KASKUS? product strategy, innovation and best practices. Prior to joining KASKUS, Ardy spent 17+ years working and living in the United States in Consulting and Product Management roles, working with various Fortune 500 companies.

Ardy is a graduate of Indiana University ? Kelley School of Business, USA.

9:30am ? 10:45am

Lightning Talk #7[email protected] Room 326

Outwards and Inwards Experiential Transformation: A KASKUS Case Study
products and services

Kaskus was founded in 1999, and ever since, has been the largest online community in Indonesia. Many of the old-time users have resistant to change, and any changes done can shake the ground of the hard-core fans. On the other hand, with the shift in the user behavior and the new wave of competitions, change is inevitable. KASKUS needs to adapt to stay relevant and to continuously deliver great experiences for its users.

In this presentation, the presenters will share two sides of the stories: first is the transformation of the Kaskus products, and second is the transformation of the organization to support this new direction.


Transforming KASKUS product experiences

The goal of this particular project is to create a strategic blueprint and refresh the experiences of Kaskus products. The process started from discovery research with the internal organization, exploratory research with users and non-users, competitors, and macro behavior trends. Through the research process,the presenters discovered many intertwined and conflicting challenges to create new experiences for Kaskus products to be competitive in the market, yet embracing its unique and quirky personalities that have been built so strongly in the past decade.


Transforming the organization

Through the discovery process, the presenters also discovered a deeper problem internally within the organization. This organizational challenge, was a lot harder to deal with, but they realized it was the most crucial to address; else the whole effort on the product experiences would not be successful. Along the journey, they designed and staged the process in such a way to help bridge the organizational gap, from the choice of room, modes to share progress, to preparing the team to present the work with the consultants as backup.

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