Kieran Weston


Kieran Weston

UX Director
Huge Singapore

As UX Director at Huge Singapore, Kieran leads a multi-talented team of interaction designers and product designers to create digital products and services that people love. Kieran specializes in mobile interface design and has worked with international companies across finance (MetLife, Citibank, Standard Chartered), media and publishing (SBS, Astro, Elsevier, The Economist, Singapore Press Holdings), retail (Westfield, Woolworths), entertainment (Sydney Opera House) and government (Australian state government).

Kieran has worked on large scale global projects with clients from China, Singapore, Australia and the UK. He prides himself on delivering solutions that create innovative and seamless interactions between business, technology and most importantly customers.

11:15am ? 12:30pm

Lightning Talk #13[email protected]?Room 309

Anticipatory Design: Invisible Interfaces and Predictive Products
products and services

The value of experience design is changing. Tools that were once designed to help people make decisions are being reimagined into products and services that actively make people’s lives easier through anticipating what a user wants and making choices on their behalf. New smart products and services that anticipate user needs and make decisions according to our preferences with as little interaction as possible will release us from the tyranny of choice and give us more time to spend on the things that matter most.

The next wave in design is creating digital experiences that make people’s lives easier, a move away from the traditional approach of designing services that helped people make better decisions. We are in the age of invisible interfaces and augmented experiences that use data from the masses to drive personal experiences for the individual.

In this talk, Kieran will cover :

  • The complexities of choice that digital has brought into our lives
  • Highlight how we navigate these complexities psychologically
  • Identify how we can create experiences that really do assist users in making smarter, more considered decisions
  • Showcase some cutting edge products and services that are driving this push to anticipatory experiences.
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