Maxim Gurkin


Maxim Gurkin

Senior UX Designer
Autodesk, Singapore

Maxim’s IT career is a path from developer to UX designer.

He comes with a deep knowledge of how each infrastructure layer works gathered from working on Backend and Frontend components, and a focus on User Interface Design from the last four years. All these experience has given him a vision of a full stack of modern cloud services and understanding that design is not only a creation of good user experience?but ?also defines requirements for the whole software architecture.

9:30am ? 10:45am

Lightning Talk #4[email protected]?Room 310

A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
products and services

All services are nice and shiny until something goes wrong. By focusing on new features and nice interfaces, service owners completely forget to create a?reliable channel of support with their customers. Feedback form or email address connecting to a black hole is the only thing available to users. As a result, when a?problem occurs, the customer is on his own and may spend tremendous amounts of time and effort before being attended to.

How can we become a true friend for your customer?

How can we transform support and communication experience from huge forms, emails and phone queues into something more reliable? One where users can be transformed into your buddies, where the?way of communication is still easy and trustworthy?

When you communicate with your buddy, do you ask ?will he answer me? what is a right time to talk? is it a right question to ask??? You just talk. The same should be with products and services.

Join Maxim as he discusses key principles of reliable service-to-user communications and relevant technologies that will make the transformation possible.

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