Mika Aldaba


Mika Aldaba

Data Designer
Thinking Machines, Phillipines

Mika is a global designer with experience doing branding, web design, UX consulting and data visualization for international clients.

11:15am ? 12:30pm

Lightning Talk #9[email protected]?Room 325

How UX and Data Storytelling Can Shape Policy Society

How can we take UX and Data Storytelling out of the tech context and use them to change the way government behaves?

Showcasing the truth is the highest goal of data storytelling. Because the design of a chart can affect the interpretation of data in a major way, one must wield visual tools with care and deliberation. Using quantitative facts to evoke an emotional response is best achieved with the combination of UX and data storytelling.

As designers and private citizens, how can we use data to provide better understanding of a social issue to directly influence perspective? Find a story in the available data, tell it in a meaningful way and distribute it to the public to get them more interested. The more attention it gets, the more possible it is to reach the government?s attention.

Join Mika as she talks about bringing UX and design thinking in making useful applications for government.

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