Shane Morris


Shane Morris

Founder, Automatic Studio

Shane has enjoyed one of Australia?s longest careers in User Experience design. Previously a User Experience Evangelist at Microsoft, these days Shane runs a small digital product design agency in Australia called Automatic Studio. He has spoken and taught on usability, user interface design and user experience around the world, and has designed award-winning products for the likes of Cochlear and Qantas. Shane holds a Master?s Degree in Cognitive Science.

9:30am – 12:30pm

Workshop #13[email protected]?Room 329

Scenario Based Design
products and services

When we design new user experiences we change the things people do, or the way people do things ? we change behaviour. However, if we want to change people?s behaviour, then we need to be able to envision, share, refine and validate those new behaviours in the full context of users? lives. That?s where scenarios come in.

Scenarios are stories that describe people living with our products. By drawing on our shared cultural tradition of storytelling, scenarios provide a compelling, insightful and approachable way to understand issues of context, motivation, usability and emotional response in our products. They are our first designs.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn to create scenarios and other types of stories to identify product opportunities, form design hypotheses and focus the design and evaluation of new user experiences.
  • Draw on your existing ability to tell a story. We will cover character development, motivation, internal dialog and story arc – all in the context of creating great user experiences.
  • Try out story-telling techniques and share your experiences. See for yourself how valuable – and fun – it is to integrate scenarios into your user experience design practice!
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