Tong Yee


Tong Yee

Director, The Thought Collective

Tong Yee is the co-founder and director of one of Singapore’s more prominent social enterprises, The Thought Collective.

He is a champion for youth empowerment and is committed to have youth emerge as leaders in their society. A strong practitioner in the fields of social innovation, narrative therapy, experience design and civic education, Tong Yee is highly sought after as an inspirational and insightful speaker and trainer.

Some of his current endeavours include prototyping a sustainable urban poverty programme, designing educational experiences through trail innovation, and initiating compelling social movements as part of his dedication to growing a more resilient and responsive society.

In his commitment to stay relevant, Tong Yee also sits on a number of national committees. He is a Member of the National Youth Council, the ACCORD Council, and The Media Literacy Council and is on the Advisory Committee for Youth Corps Singapore.


Past Presentations

2:30pm -?4pm

Opening Keynote #1 @ Summit 1 Hall

Emotionally connecting to the next 50 years

Our greatest challenges in successfully bringing about a transformation in society?is not in designing new systems or infrastructure but rather intervening in the culture and behavior of people. No doubt, Singapore excels in the designing of systems that analyze trends and consequently build the infrastructure to support its success, but increasingly we are noticing that the complexity of people, interests and emotions have a large part to play in informing our design. Ignore this, and we would be foolishly investing in inevitable failure.

In his keynote, Tong Yee will be speaking about the complexity of emotion and unpacking for us an understanding of crucial emotions like apathy, cynicism and indifference. We all understand how much these emotions can stunt progress and impede collaboration, but are we also cognizant of how we contribute to the origin and growth of these emotions, how we can meaningfully address them and why addressing this is crucial pillar of our strategy come the next few decades.

9:30am – 12:30pm

Workshop #4[email protected]?Room 326

Designing an environment of uncomfortable conversation

Any successful change is a result of the strength of the organisation that executes it. We all know that it isn?t the brilliance of an idea that brings successful implementation of transformative change but rather it depends on the character and composition of the team that is assembled. But how exactly do we build teams primed for innovation and change?

In this workshop, Tong Yee will be sharing how organisations are essentially linguistic phenomenon. The most successful organisations are made up of a complex but resilient weave of assessments, promises, and conversations. Through designing a platform for uncomfortable conversations, he believes that we can build the capacity for resilience, innovation and address the emotional deficit that many organisations face today.

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