Wong Hefen

Wong Hefen

Wong Hefen

Senior Assistant Director
Behavioural Insights and Design Unit
Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Hefen believes in humanizing public services through understanding behavioural biases and applying design methods, as well as testing prototype solutions via randomised controlled trials. She combines qualitative and quantitative methods, to develop a culture of empathy, testing and experimentation in the Ministry of Manpower.

Wong Hefen co-founded and co-leads the Behavioural Insights and Design Unit in the Ministry of Manpower. In the past year, Hefen was based in New York and London as a Research Fellow with the Public Policy Lab, Parsons DESIS Lab and the Behavioural Insights Team.

Prior to experimenting with behavioural insights and randomised controlled trials, Hefen undertook research to understand the migration journey and challenges of transient migrants working in Singapore. Through human-centric design and legislative reforms, she worked on improving the employment conditions and well-being of migrant workers in Singapore.

9:30am ? 10:45am

Lightning Talk #1 @?Room 325

Designing for Public Impact

How do civil servants and designers team up to transform public services? How might we scale human-centric design in a large government agency with diverse roles and stakeholders? What is the role of co-design in Singapore, and how would the future of public services look?

Hefen will share the highs and lows of the Ministry of Manpower’s journey in humanizing public services with design and data, as well as the opportunities and challenges present in driving human-centered change in government.

You will be invited to discuss the role of co-design in transforming communities and society, and reimagine the future of public services.

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