Coffee Experience Sponsor

This year’s Coffee Experience is proudly brought to you by:

Established in 2005, Titansoft Pte Ltd is a software development company based in Singapore,?specialising in web application development and software consulting services. Our development and IT?services span across customised solutions, system management, infrastructure and architecture,?network security and more. We work with organisations with ambitious missions, involving fully in the?development lifecycles of our products to drive business value through IT. Going beyond collaboration?through projects, we take pride in building and maintaining quality products to enable our clients to stay?ahead of the competition. We are strong believers of adaptive planning and Agile development, aiming?always for rapid and flexible response to changes to help our clients succeed. We also strongly value?transparency and openness within the organisation, in an endeavour to empower our teams to?continuously improve and deliver quality software.

Coffee Experience?Sponsor
  • Brand exposure across all 3 days
  • Signature impression when attendees queue up for the ever popular coffee from Jimmy Monkey
  • Logo display?stage screen during breaks
  • Logo on website with activities description + social media mentions
  • Hiring adverts in digital screens at designated points within Suntec
  • 4?complimentary conference tickets
Your presence as the Coffee Experience?Sponsor
coffee experience

Display your brand?at the coffee stall

jimmy monkey coffee cups

Average 2 cups per attendee each day


Coffee delivery to workshop attendees

How this sponsorship benefits you and attendees
  • Supports the networking experience with attendees
  • Be one of the favourite mentions for the popular coffee for an estimate 2,000+ cups across 3 days
How we, the volunteer team, will work with you
  • Co-design the coffee experience, including the flow and interaction moments with the attendees
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