PigeonLab is a successful, bootstrapped company with a talented team working together on Pigeonhole Live to improve interactivity and drive meaningful conversations at events throughout the world.

We are a small but driven team with a startup work ethic that is results and output oriented. Our emphasis on customer satisfaction and attentiveness to user experience influence our engagement with customers, as well as our product direction. Our impact is wide-ranging, from high-level diplomatic events to business meetings, social conferences and casual meet-ups.

UXSG has partnered?with PigeonLab to bring Pigeonhole Live to UXSG Conference 2016. An interactive Q&A platform, Pigeonhole Live is a simple way to empower audiences to speak up and be heard.

Look out for Pigeonhole Live at the Day 2 Unconference. For more information, contact?PigeonLab at [email protected].


PigeonLab is recruiting for talents to join their team, do check out the open positions at https://pigeonholelive.com/jobs/.

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