Why Attend

No matter what product or service you work on; whether in an agency, client organisation or startup; by yourself or with a team;?the core of our design craft remains the same – to transform the world, little by little, to become a better place.


Join us at UXSG Conference 2016 as we?explore the fundamental impact that design has on our everyday lives across four levels of transformation:

  1. Society: What does it take to move mountains and nations to improve the lives of people at scale?
  2. Communities: How can we design for and with local groups in socially-innovative ways that are inclusive, sustainable and empowering?
  3. Products & services: What skills and elements of our craft do we need to align organisations to create great products/services?
  4. Self: How must we transform ourselves so that we can produce the intent and actions for good in this world?


UXSG Conference 2016 is also organised and run by a team of volunteers! Comprising experienced practitioners, young professionals and students, our team’s goal is to create and deliver a truly unique and memorable experience for all conference participants.


Approachable, inspiring, engaging

I felt like I could change the world after the conference. The speakers joined us for drinks, it was nice to see they are human too.

I feel guided all the time

Never did I once feel lost. There was always clear signage or someone around to help. I knew where to go for help if I needed it.

Investing in things that matters

It feels great when everything works well – Wi-Fi, good coffee, delicious food served fast, slides?available quickly & keynote recordings. What else could I ask for?

A conference that feels personal

The organisers treated us like people, not numbers. I had fun learning with other attendees and was able to network with the right people.


They love it. Read what the previous attendees had to say!

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